So, how the game should be really played. Fleeting!

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So, how the game should be really played. Fleeting!

Post  Arctic Monkey on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:28 am

So, you listenned to everyone you know and got yourself decent high mines (28/26/26 for instance) but you got your belly full of only building mines? Want to try out the aspect of fleeting?

Well... there is a lot written down already on the ogame forum. Be sure to check it out and read. Read, read, read. Read everything. Read what you think is good, read what you think is not good and think about it.

Fleetsaving ABC

Ogame Guide.

I also expect you know what fleetsaving is, if not. Be sure to know how to fleetsave properly and do that like it's a religion! And that you have yourself at least two or more moons on your account.

Okay... where to start?
The best start would be to start farming.
Farming is a simple way of extra income. To do so, build around 150 probes, 200 large cargo's and 100 battleships. Go to galaxy screen and scan everyone you want. It can be wise or smart to avoid the big fish players for now untill you know what I'm talking about. But scan. Scan like madness. 50 systems left and right from your moon.
If you find anything with enough recources and low defence, simulate the battle on Speedsim, Guide on How To Use Speedsim, and take note of the coords and send the ships. If the player has activity, be sure to check out what's making the activity. Maybe the player is online and you need to recall before loosing you're freshly new build ships!

Some people are only gunning on inactive players, shown as [iI] in the galaxy overview. It can be easy pickings but in the long run you would like to get more and more income from each way and then gaining 150.000 worth of resources are becoming a real waste of fleetslot. But that's something else Wink...

So, you get the hang of it yet? Maybe you have seen even more then resources and defences in those probe reports? Want to crash someone else's fleet?
Get quick engines, high weapon, shield and armour and get yourself more ships then the other. Build like mad the needed amount that speedsim tells you you need to get profit from him. Sometimes it's easy and you just need battlecruisers, other times you need other ships.

I can't give a proper answer as there is just no proper answer for what's the best ship to crash fleet. I always say, "A lot of ships can crash anything" ... Wink Don't forget to build enough recycle ships to collect the debris field you will be creating.

Fleeting can become extremelly profitable for your account. But it has a down side. That's called fleetsaving. Once you start fleeting, others will see you're active or have a small fleet and try to crash you. If you're not online and you find out you lost your fleet, can be a downside of this game. This is where those high mines comes in handy, you can rebuild the fleet but need to start over again.

Well.... I'm sure I have forgot a lot, this is just what I can come up for the moment, if someone has a qeustion, just ask and I'll try to answer them Smile
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