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common courtesy

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:53 pm

We dont ask much as far as board and chat box rules. A little common sense is all, for instance there are women and children who play this game, so keep the talk fairly clean. Posts should be put in the proper catagory, if there is no catagory for the type of post you want to post let a moderator know and we can create one.

Always use a combat converter to post attacks of any kind, u will find links to converters in the tools section.

alliance rules. we do not attack alliance mates, unless it is a planned moonshot.

also, there are ways to earn extra resources, so try to earn them before you ask for free resources, free resources are available, but we would rather payout earned resources. To find out how to earn resources, check the contests section of this forum.
That is it for now, have fun , admin


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